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01:49 PM Alite Revision 177:4b78d3657670 (deconflictiontools): Resolved TODO removed from SippRRTDomain
01:46 PM Alite Revision 176:7d0390264801 (deconflictiontools): Unneceseary NodePair class replaced simply by Lin...


11:59 PM Alite Revision 175:b4390b5c2bb8 (deconflictiontools): SippRRTStar introduced
SippRRTStar extends EuclideanRRTStar and together with the SippRRTDomain make rewiring possible


08:58 PM Alite Revision 174:9cc56b0cbd25 (deconflictiontools): Major bug fixed in SafeIntervalBuilder
While building a safe interval each time segment must be sampled only once
07:03 PM Alite Revision 173:fe2e89c56ef5 (deconflictiontools): Major refactoring in SippRRTDomain
Part of the code rewritten from scratch according to the SippWrapper implementation. Temporally fixed bug causing dis...
02:54 PM Alite Revision 172:e23500c497d2 (deconflictiontools): Major refactoring of SafeIntervalBuilder
The safe interval builder now contains all functionality to calculate safe intervals. It was moved there from the Sip...
01:23 PM Alite Revision 171:e48897827a9d (deconflictiontools): Major refactoring and debugging of the SIPPWrapper
Safe intervals are now calculated up to the defined maxtime so it is important to keep the maxtime consistent over al...


05:55 PM Alite Revision 170:a5c1e8c47d5c (deconflictiontools): Major fix in SIPPRRTDomain
missing collision checking with the boundary added
05:54 PM Alite Revision 169:0cb94562f298 (deconflictiontools): Major fix in EuclidTime3iRRTDomain
missing collision checking with static obstacles added
05:42 PM Alite Revision 168:b9d4b9737fa5 (deconflictiontools): Both Space-Time RRT implementation now samples di...

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