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Vokřínek Jiří, 06/13/2013 09:27 AM

Trajectory Tools

Trajectory tools is an Alite module that contains a collection of various components useful for trajectory generation and manipulation.
In particular it contains:
  • a definition of Trajectory interface
  • a number of implementations of the Trajectory interface, in particular an implementation that allows a trajectory to be defined as a sequence of maneuvers
  • classes representing regions such as box, region, cylinder in 3d and 4d space, some of them implementing line/region intersection checks
  • JGraphT-based framework for discretization of euclidean space and space-time to lattice (maneuver) graphs.
  • Visualization of graphs, trajectories etc.
  • implementation of A* for JGraphT
  • implementation of RRT* planner
  • separation detectors, i.e. functions that allow to check if a number of trajectories is conflict-free

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