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147:b803db3b6a64 10/11/2016 02:51 PM mschaefer


146:bf38879386ee 10/11/2016 01:11 PM mschaefer


145:37b0bcde6509 10/11/2016 01:09 PM mschaefer

Removed duplicated SimulationControlLayer, used the one from alite

144:90b6e542408a 11/02/2015 07:05 PM Komenda Antonín

Added repeated replanning of physical cars

143:3af30c78dc1d 10/23/2015 12:13 PM Komenda Antonín

Reverted angle check change in TacticalPersonActuator

142:8991aac7adb9 10/22/2015 06:41 PM Komenda Antonín

Added epsilon to tactical person angle test

141:d925b961760c 10/21/2015 04:54 PM Komenda Antonín

Updated .hgignore

140:502341cd55a4 10/21/2015 04:50 PM Komenda Antonín

Added parameters to CarLayer (chassis and text info visualization, point color)

139:1289d786281a 04/08/2015 04:37 PM Čáp Michal


138:3041f05a460a 04/08/2015 04:36 PM Čáp Michal


137:fb353ab53bda 04/07/2015 07:35 PM Čáp Michal


136:6bbc4600fe0c 04/07/2015 07:31 PM Čáp Michal


135:1d9dc90ee162 04/02/2015 04:11 PM Čáp Michal


134:aff58d7a476a 04/02/2015 04:10 PM Čáp Michal


133:eee455ea9d0c 04/02/2015 04:08 PM Čáp Michal


132:770a494a17f2 04/02/2015 04:05 PM Čáp Michal

cleaned pom.xml a bit

131:07f3229faaae 04/26/2014 07:28 PM Komenda Antonín

Added Stryker as a new vehicle

130:aef221eb32d6 04/15/2014 07:56 PM Komenda Antonín

Fixed imports

129:c63c4c291302 04/15/2014 07:56 PM Komenda Antonín

Fixed GoToWaypointTacticalPersonActuator with unnormalized orientation in target

128:a323e907c407 04/14/2014 06:41 PM Komenda Antonín

TacticalPersons can change team

127:f44c0354091b 04/14/2014 02:15 PM Komenda Antonín

Fixed the example car's initial waypoint

126:cae70a31b25f 04/14/2014 01:51 PM Komenda Antonín

Added comments

125:c39f96fe6f4f 04/14/2014 01:22 PM Komenda Antonín

Fixed connection of the path plans in PlanningCarActuator

Now properly reusing the last point of the (adapted) to point and right direction.

124:4fde68f5dc87 04/14/2014 10:59 AM Komenda Antonín

Fixed LMB clicking on PositionedEntityToggleLayer and FPS/Stat layers

123:f55ae081501c 04/11/2014 06:05 PM Komenda Antonín

Removed explicit goal point from PlanningCarSensor

The goal point is taken from the PlanningCarActuator. This fixes situations when the planner had to move the goal point because of zones.

122:31e2a204453b 04/11/2014 03:56 PM Komenda Antonín

Cleaned up warnings

121:61244417f075 04/11/2014 03:49 PM Komenda Antonín

The PlanningCarActuator instantiates the planning wrapper and do basic deconfliction

The PlanningCarActuator generates zones for each car per se (using different parameterizations) and includes the other cars as zones in beginning of the planning (no updates so far). The zone visualisation requires clicking on the car now.

120:734d9a363d23 04/10/2014 10:52 AM Komenda Antonín

Fixed creation of example agents

119:c6df0080c424 04/10/2014 10:44 AM Komenda Antonín

Merge with 6443599f910e00aa0b2b6893965e9a36305d049d

118:9699cb9fed34 04/10/2014 10:44 AM Komenda Antonín

Changed static usage of PlanningCarActuator maneuver planner usage to instantiated wrapper (enables different no-ride-zones for different cars).

117:6443599f910e 04/07/2014 12:23 AM Čáp Michal

Added methods for checking if one or more polygons intersect, further polygons can be easily rotated and translated.

116:91a205c2d24f 04/04/2014 09:17 PM Čáp Michal

Merge with 5ce2c04c4d769abb1856af6524a63bc7ee4a7926

115:38b27bf55e8c 04/04/2014 09:17 PM Čáp Michal


114:5ce2c04c4d76 04/03/2014 03:12 PM Štolba Michal

added turn radius to car model - used by the planner in PlanningCarActuator

113:b3bf664ed504 04/03/2014 11:11 AM Štolba Michal

fixed plan viewing

112:919bca61d90f 04/02/2014 03:47 PM Štolba Michal


111:98e08a8905e3 03/30/2014 10:34 PM Čáp Michal

Fixed parameters of the regulator for reversing. Fixed intersection testing.

110:c82352f9c315 03/28/2014 06:26 PM Čáp Michal

Fixed collision checking on Polygons. Tuned regulator parameters.

109:6d2d74182d4f 03/28/2014 03:11 PM Čáp Michal

Changed parameters of MDARS

108:5c5fc8662113 03/28/2014 01:51 PM Čáp Michal

CarDefinition now contains also maxSteering. Added JTS for polygon inflation.

107:7a7721bd999e 03/27/2014 08:12 PM Čáp Michal

The cars can be configured to be either MDARS or V3S (truck). 2D-layer now shows envelope of the car and the orientation of its wheels.
Car regulator attempts to control the middle of the front axis towards the goal, which should be more appropriate for reversing.

106:7ee5ddfa2d95 03/18/2014 08:29 PM Čáp Michal

Truck is now properly working both in simulation and visio.

105:ac1b08c6f170 07/03/2013 02:35 PM Hrstka Ondřej

Getter methods for loadVis and loadVis3d fields

104:aa8ce585d92b 04/19/2013 04:32 PM Hrstka Ondřej

Box provider for Vis3D

103:ed60c098d702 04/19/2013 04:19 PM Komenda Antonín

Updated box model

102:2a998bdebfdd 04/19/2013 01:35 PM Komenda Antonín

Added box model

101:41aa8f7d3d5f 03/18/2013 10:09 AM Komenda Antonín

Merge with 56dd8b923b3e48e00da3f9fbdf5a2ab7dd6dd3f7

100:3c447daea8f2 03/18/2013 10:05 AM Komenda Antonín

Changed licence from GPL3 to LGPL3

99:56dd8b923b3e 02/24/2013 06:59 PM Čáp Michal

fixed visibility

98:831b5d54c71e 02/22/2013 07:02 PM Čáp Michal

Merge with d56a212564a7161d4ce990e976ec988175e8fd11

97:4981d4450ad7 02/22/2013 07:00 PM Čáp Michal

Fixed heightmap generator

96:d56a212564a7 02/20/2013 05:17 PM Hrstka Ondřej

Turn off simulation step delay when visualization is not used.

95:fbd469278c33 02/20/2013 04:38 PM Hrstka Ondřej

Turn off simulation step delay when visualization is not used.

94:fc4d2f0196c7 02/17/2013 10:12 AM Čáp Michal

Added getHeading and getSpeed methods to CarSensor.

93:aadf90b48eb5 02/16/2013 12:01 PM Čáp Michal

Made private fields and private methods in TacticalUniverse protected. Needed for PAH-tactical.

92:b34589a31188 02/15/2013 10:53 AM Komenda Antonín

Removed testing code

91:92fce5dba240 02/15/2013 10:51 AM Komenda Antonín

Removed ambiguous file

90:219c033deb8c 12/04/2012 03:08 PM Hrstka Ondřej

Support for white and orange avatar colors

89:77fbaac01859 11/19/2012 02:25 PM Komenda Antonín

Removed unused field

88:9073d33117d2 11/07/2012 03:57 PM Tozicka Jan

VisualInteractionLayer moved to alite

87:bf5b8e21e1f0 10/30/2012 10:35 AM Komenda Antonín

Disabled in pom.xml

86:66fac9de5c3d 10/15/2012 01:59 PM Černý Adam

Package name edit

85:54b6adcb6841 10/15/2012 01:55 PM Černý Adam

Merge with c6045d88377b01be50d23b83de44b52e6bfc46b0

84:eb812e4c5de0 10/10/2012 04:42 PM Černý Adam

ConcaveHull support

83:c6045d88377b 10/09/2012 03:20 PM Vokřínek Jiří

jbullet dependency fix

82:c7aa4cbae792 10/04/2012 06:27 PM Komenda Antonín

Fixed package naming by Java conventions

81:7a26219f161a 10/04/2012 06:25 PM Komenda Antonín

Minor warning fix

80:c1a4044ec30a 09/25/2012 05:47 PM Vokřínek Jiří

XML files clean up

79:15c923d3a47f 09/25/2012 02:00 PM Černý Adam

File load fix

78:47089731ccad 09/24/2012 04:25 PM Černý Adam

LOGGER update, parsing time measure

77:0a5c23b010d5 09/24/2012 01:20 PM Černý Adam

PATH fix, classes clean

76:1e7bc00da561 09/23/2012 07:01 PM Černý Adam

Data model change

75:4efe40d08d2b 09/19/2012 02:21 PM Vokřínek Jiří

hash and equals
fixing JGraphT "no such vertex" error

74:efab52c1a94a 09/18/2012 04:09 PM Černý Adam

Merge with c2e1a962a548224124882b3d1249dcb2dc84f76b

73:d95c767a50cf 09/18/2012 02:05 PM Černý Adam

Package rename

72:1d8396c10a83 09/17/2012 03:10 PM Černý Adam

Obj reader final

71:42724ff7a5cc 09/13/2012 03:19 PM Černý Adam

General processing of buildings, not just 4 angle bases

70:091b477a36fa 09/13/2012 03:17 PM Černý Adam

Better loadFromObj() method, will add only triangles+ and finds convex hull

69:4cab44b3b523 09/13/2012 03:16 PM Černý Adam


68:fa906fbcd4a5 09/13/2012 03:15 PM Černý Adam

initBulletPhysics() method is called just in the constructor

67:ee18ef7ebbf5 09/13/2012 03:14 PM Černý Adam

Added comparators and static method which finds convex hull in NlogN

66:895ddd3b17c6 09/13/2012 03:10 PM Černý Adam

Safety zones for cars works for general polygon base.

65:3666eb215606 09/13/2012 03:09 PM Černý Adam

Building getter

64:46f8774b5a0d 09/12/2012 04:26 AM Černý Adam

village.obj has streetGraph

63:48d6d2fcb3d5 09/12/2012 04:25 AM Černý Adam

Compute urban map from OBJ file. Still has few bugs.

62:5a495e2636a5 09/12/2012 04:25 AM Černý Adam

Creates streetGraph from OBJ file. Change of methods.

61:174c52261cf2 09/11/2012 05:42 PM Černý Adam

delete files

60:ef9f0272a8d0 09/11/2012 05:11 PM Černý Adam

init of Physics is done in another place, also simulation will not start if streetGraph is empty and contains only dummyNode

59:3ab20ed2deb8 09/11/2012 05:08 PM Černý Adam

detector of streetGraph. Not used, but can create UndirectedGraph from jGraph from OBJ file

58:0da4802ef67a 09/11/2012 05:07 PM Černý Adam

added StreetGraph parser

57:5d17529b4a3c 09/11/2012 02:28 PM Černý Adam

Deleted files

56:63ba1fb5d160 09/11/2012 02:27 PM Černý Adam

Edit of group name

55:d81d9743730f 09/11/2012 02:24 PM Černý Adam

Deprecated tag for getCollisionModelURL method.

54:f2940555dcf4 09/11/2012 02:24 PM Černý Adam

Change of path and deprecated method getCollisionModelURL throws new Exception when called.

53:64a73b866bad 09/11/2012 02:22 PM Černý Adam

This package contains parser and mesh loader (It loads terrain, streetGraph and general objects like buildings or bridges)

52:10937b8f50ee 09/11/2012 02:20 PM Černý Adam

For now it is not used, need to be replaced

51:01afa010193b 09/11/2012 02:19 PM Černý Adam

Loading of OBJ file to physics, new altitude function (Converting triangulated terrain mesh to regular rectangular grid, rest of the code in is same)

50:f4149dce57da 09/11/2012 02:15 PM Černý Adam

Temporary change of path because of obj file import, will be changed later to previous settings

49:e8c818dc1db5 09/05/2012 10:57 AM Černý Adam

Obj file parser

48:c2e1a962a548 09/17/2012 04:52 PM Vokřínek Jiří

streetgraph integration