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  solver 2.64 KB 83:67e0a363c9e2 over 6 years Vojtech Letal SIPP renamed to PP_SIPP 2.1 KB 0:5f9515950f17 almost 7 years Michal Cap initial commit 1.93 KB 72:5a929a76cf89 over 6 years Čáp Michal CSAIL map works 8.17 KB 132:f3d90172ecd4 over 6 years Vojtech Letal merge

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206:a9573ea8babc 05/28/2014 06:02 PM Čáp Michal

Added willow-full and ubremen environment.

204:95e6fe922bad 05/23/2014 01:33 PM Čáp Michal

added bgImage to parameters

203:d2053d3b5a8f 05/23/2014 10:52 AM Čáp Michal

Fixed a bug

201:614b8754b3d3 05/22/2014 05:03 PM Čáp Michal


200:f64571c86ac1 05/21/2014 05:57 PM Čáp Michal

Conflict generator now generates start-goal avoiding missions using reachability test after a new end point is added.

199:945c92506424 05/21/2014 03:51 PM Čáp Michal

Conflict generator fixed to generate start-goal avoiding configurations.

198:e32f98444af6 05/20/2014 04:42 PM Čáp Michal


197:42f49bd0a969 05/20/2014 11:21 AM Čáp Michal

GenerateInstance now support parameters -onecluster and -sgavoiding

195:1401cb8145af 05/15/2014 07:39 PM Čáp Michal

Cleaned-up conflict generator. Triangulation generator can generate dock positions near the border. Conflicts can be now generated using these "dock" positions loaded from problem xml file.

194:9e318333ff14 05/15/2014 05:36 PM Čáp Michal

Refactoring the conflict generator. Work in progress.

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