From 11/24/2013 to 12/23/2013


03:21 PM Revision 29:57230317ea4b: Added -k parameter to the solver that controls the number of iterations...
Čáp Michal
08:48 AM Revision 28:4dcebf67837e: cleaning
Čáp Michal
08:46 AM Revision 27:5682ebf6b84c: Drastic refactoring of the separable optimal flow optimizer (iterative ...
Čáp Michal


06:13 PM Revision 26:c6ab24e555d4: Minor
Čáp Michal


02:10 PM Revision 25:933ce4c12aff: Conflict generator can be given a rectangular region in which the confl...
Čáp Michal


12:00 AM Revision 24:0d932cc135ed: Conflict generator improved
- now it generates a start and target points ONLY ON the predefined grid
- all agents share the very same grid
- code...
Vojtech Letal
07:22 PM Revision 23:18000206a29a: few minor fixes
1) Vizualization now shows the algorithm name
2) OD now has a option to stop
3) All the edges returned by od has a fi...
Vojtech Letal


04:02 PM Revision 22:8de808cdade6: problem with visualization of PP fixed
PP was throwing UnsuportedOperation exceptions while trying to visualize motion graph Vojtech Letal


09:03 PM Revision 21:fcb1c3fe6ad4: obsolete todos removed
Vojtech Letal
06:59 PM Feature #2630 (Resolved): Finish simple OD
Létal Vojtěch


11:01 AM Revision 20:771c80039ac1: README
Čáp Michal


05:46 PM Bug #2650 (Closed): Fix apparent inconsistencies that we see in the experimental data
1) Sometimes, the first solution from IIHP is of lower quality than PP.
I would expect that the first solution of ...
Čáp Michal
04:41 PM Refactorization #2645 (Closed): Support for "perfect" heuristic in Prioritized Planning
Čáp Michal


07:07 PM Revision 19:072b575d069d: Fixed unhandled exception
Unhandled exception was thrown if the algorithm did not find an initial solution Vojtech Letal
05:54 PM Revision 18:5c7d618e7f4d: Fixed problem with paths
All paths shorter than a maximum length (in the number of edges) had unnecessary zero length edges as it suffix. Vojtech Letal
05:14 PM Revision 17:155920be3897: Fixed problem with subobtimality.
Algorithm did not stop exploring the search space subspace of agent after finding its state to be a goal state. Vojtech Letal


01:24 AM Revision 16:50bdbc0443cf: bugfix
Time limit was not properly implemented in OD solvere. Also null pointer exception was thrown if the algorithm did no... Vojtech Letal


10:41 PM Revision 15:bec6a99234c5: OD renamed to ODCN
testsuite and instance generator uses the name ODCN Vojtech Letal
10:15 PM Revision 14:f2e3b99e9e26: OD_PIN renamed to ODPIN
testsuite and instance generator uses the name ODPIN Vojtech Letal

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