Alite KML Visio

Alite KML Visio (shortly just KMLVis) is a visualization wrapper for Google Earth. It allows to visualize dynamic elements into kml using the updates feature and Jetty server. The kml streams are created using modified version of Java API for KML library.

Basic use of KMLVis is in demo example in cz.agent.alite.googleearth.updates.demo package in class Demo. It shows that for simple use of this platform user need only to implement instance of UpdateKmlView interface. This interface is responsible for creating the base kml and for keeping it updated using update feature (for more details see google reference).

The instance of UpdateKmlView is then attached to Synthetiser using KmlProvider. The Synthetiser encapsulates actions related to running the web server (in this case Jetty) on localhost. It is also responsible for creating links kml file, which is then loaded to Google Earth. The execution of the KMLVis Synthetizer and loading the links kml file into the Google Earth allows the user to visualize his data in Google Earth in a comfortable way