Alite and Aglobe

The main difference between Aglobe [1] (together with AglobeXSimulation and Visio) and Alite is in the conceptual design. Alite as a toolkit and Aglobe is a platform (or framework). Alite provides various separated and usually simple functionalities which have to be assembled into a desired complex system. On the contrary, Aglobe is a compact full-feature multi-agent platform (simulation and visualization) designed as rather rigid complex system. The main advantage of the Alite concept is higher freedom of usage and thus higher number of possible systems covered by the toolkit (the Alite building blocks can be assembled into various platform types and simulations). The main disadvantage of Alite is the initial cost of building a platform that meets the particular needs.

The key features of both systems are depicted in [2]. However the relations among the blocks are different as mentioned.

Alite keywords: modularity, variability, openness, stability of API
Aglobe keywords: efficiency, optimality, strictness, focused and large feature set


The event-driven simulation from Alite was integrated with AglobeXSimulation on the basis of position injection into AglobeXSimulation behaviours and intermittent event processing driven by the AglobeXSimulation time ticks. The behaviors acted as proxies between AglobeXSimulation entities and Alite simulation embodiments. Each time tick of the AglobeXSimulation triggered processing of Alite events within the time window which invoked limited run of the Alite simulation.