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383:6cb70e9c9d1e 11/22/2012 06:14 PM Komenda Antonín

Added Cartesian product generator

380:2813f60f17ae 10/18/2012 09:29 AM Štolba Michal

Added distributed capability register

379:e7913c3e65bd 10/16/2012 03:19 PM Štolba Michal

Added distributed capability register (distributed using communicators)

325:1607bcbff9d9 03/06/2012 01:47 PM Štolba Michal

Removed serial IDs from all protocols and Serializable interface from Protocol

323:eac001e646da 03/06/2012 11:27 AM Štolba Michal

Added serialVersionUID to all Protocols

314:649202d6f7d4 02/22/2012 01:16 PM Komenda Antonín

Fixed test obsolete warning

300:6195b6b9287a 08/12/2011 05:51 PM Komenda Antonín

Added direct messaging test

299:96a032e564a5 08/12/2011 04:58 PM Komenda Antonín

Changed TestEventProcessorDeterministic to JUnit test

280:e9a6196ea84b 07/29/2011 02:26 PM Hrstka Ondřej

Maven integration

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