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.classpath 769 Bytes 290:73fed8f1ed41 about 9 years Moler Zbyněk Changed Alite to SNAPSHOT
.hgignore 80 Bytes 282:da756c6cf56a about 9 years Komenda Antonín Minor Eclipse update
.hgtags 214 Bytes 374:0879c76b7bb6 almost 8 years Moler Zbyněk Added tag RELEASE_1.1.0 for changeset ed72018a37b7
.project 763 Bytes 290:73fed8f1ed41 about 9 years Moler Zbyněk Changed Alite to SNAPSHOT
LICENSE 7.47 KB 355:a7ae47a9ff5f about 8 years Komenda Antonín Added README and LICENSE files
README 1.44 KB 356:42d1047c4df2 about 8 years Komenda Antonín Updated README 318 Bytes 49:d1cbdf58029f about 10 years Komenda Antonín Changed default logging properties
pom.xml 2.35 KB 375:8ff2fdbd9eb6 almost 8 years Moler Zbyněk SNAPSHOT

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
404:2c5b61a2f653 05/26/2014 10:26 PM Hrstka Ondřej

Visualizable moved to its own project

403:9b093e1c2c02 05/25/2014 12:14 AM Hrstka Ondřej

PointVis bugfix

402:f750db761a27 05/21/2014 11:32 PM Hrstka Ondřej

First draft of new Visualizable interface

401:63e5bcb7948d 05/09/2014 03:13 PM Hrstka Ondřej

Fixed part of javadoc for Java8

400:ac3592f2b43c 04/11/2014 03:30 PM Komenda Antonín

De-commented specification check in PathFinderByManeuvers

399:a899214dd01f 04/10/2014 10:42 AM Komenda Antonín

Merge with 5d8bea3ad013212479ce5ff74deb5bf2ad3df8c2

398:e1ac9df53192 04/10/2014 10:38 AM Komenda Antonín

Minor fix

397:5d8bea3ad013 04/07/2014 09:32 AM Čáp Michal

Merge with bf4c9f3518ff827934914104dea24b3dbb9849c9

396:9085b043971f 04/07/2014 09:31 AM Michal Cap

fixed: layer unregistering didn't work if the Vis2d was disabled

395:bf4c9f3518ff 01/31/2014 01:51 PM Štolba Michal

added performClose() method

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