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126:242390b3f4be 04/01/2014 02:33 PM Štolba Michal

search interface now provides partial plans of agents while being reconstructed

125:1d244a78f59e 03/31/2014 03:37 PM Štolba Michal

some fixes and modifications

124:7fb332ea556a 03/31/2014 11:17 AM Štolba Michal

bug fixed

123:091fb9ab45db 03/27/2014 04:27 PM Štolba Michal

bug fix

122:687646b15189 03/27/2014 04:10 PM Štolba Michal


121:11de3ff3daee 03/25/2014 02:26 PM Štolba Michal

modifications for the demo - the most important - actions can now contain more agent names and are assigned to the agent name occurring first

120:e9dc1e18cd90 03/14/2014 03:26 PM Štolba Michal

- fixed distributed plan reconstruction (but the memory issue persists)
- sending only relevant states (maybe the check should be more efficient)
- checking if state is already in closed list when receiving

119:456f69ba9173 03/13/2014 03:02 PM Štolba Michal

slimmer representation of parent state and parent action

118:d907fbf639a3 02/27/2014 10:26 AM Štolba Michal

implemented boosting of preferred/normal open lists

117:b65b68ac914a 02/25/2014 04:38 PM Štolba Michal

optimized successor generation

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