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189:a3cebf5802f4 06/10/2014 04:12 PM Štolba Michal

best-first order of local requests

186:0fd0585fa7fd 06/06/2014 03:12 PM Štolba Michal

RD restricted heuristic - requests are restricted only to actions in the first RPG layer

185:1939d21ac5cd 06/06/2014 01:28 PM Štolba Michal

personalized rd heuristic extends rd heuristic and must be initialized

184:73ef92cdcb0e 06/06/2014 11:43 AM Štolba Michal

personalized RD heuristic based on the coupling estimate from other agents

183:f4bb026e1e1b 06/06/2014 11:02 AM Štolba Michal

shared problem info provider and some major modification of certain interfaces

182:593e57d264a4 05/29/2014 06:02 PM Štolba Michal

fixed for multiheuristic search

180:52b404b5bbde 05/29/2014 04:27 PM Štolba Michal

fixed bug in preferred operators

177:92ccd419615b 05/28/2014 05:31 PM Štolba Michal

aded preference-based open list selection strategy, which does not make sense. TODO: fix preferred operators (again)

174:c7baf146bd0d 05/27/2014 02:24 PM Štolba Michal

optimized creation of callbacks

173:853af8d96cfe 05/27/2014 02:18 PM Štolba Michal

synchronized distributed best-first search

162:3312590ddb4f 05/09/2014 03:34 PM Štolba Michal

fixed lazyFF

149:9fd053923529 04/22/2014 04:47 PM Štolba Michal

synchronous search - wip

143:c90bb7c0687c 04/17/2014 06:43 PM Komenda Antonín

Refactored structure and naming (A* -> BFS)

The only code change is volatile in Distributed search for seach and run booleans.

142:830e209381ab 04/17/2014 03:53 PM Štolba Michal

removed legacy code (experimental variants of heuristic computation)

137:a8d694f5160f 04/17/2014 11:14 AM Štolba Michal

refactor: Add/Max/FF now determined by decomposition

130:c5782d08e331 04/09/2014 03:10 PM Štolba Michal

fixing bugs

129:6700c3a1ea96 04/04/2014 03:03 PM Štolba Michal

refactored so that mh-a* extends a*

126:242390b3f4be 04/01/2014 02:33 PM Štolba Michal

search interface now provides partial plans of agents while being reconstructed

122:687646b15189 03/27/2014 04:10 PM Štolba Michal


116:3dfe41608a15 02/18/2014 05:09 PM Štolba Michal

some fixes and adjustments

114:0d275250b155 02/12/2014 11:11 AM Štolba Michal

disabled extensive tests

112:4ca28c3dff9c 02/12/2014 09:03 AM Štolba Michal

minor update and temporal fix of hrdFF

109:66adaba6c508 02/07/2014 03:37 PM Štolba Michal

transcribed LMCut from FD (w.i.p)

106:40f5f040c85b 02/06/2014 02:38 PM Štolba Michal

recursive distributed heuristic adapted to use protocol (with some bugs)

105:2ae44225ac0a 02/06/2014 02:24 PM Štolba Michal

MultiheuristicDistributedAStar converted to use protocol

101:b072c5028372 02/04/2014 01:50 PM Štolba Michal

DistributedRelaxationHeuristic now uses protocol

100:6261174853fd 02/03/2014 04:13 PM Štolba Michal

distributed A* using protocol

96:aab299b058aa 01/31/2014 02:44 PM Štolba Michal

uncommited changes in multiheuristic search

95:5a8334507f42 12/20/2013 10:32 AM Štolba Michal

helpful actions in rdFF

94:3cb36b60f85b 12/19/2013 02:50 PM Štolba Michal

minor tweaking

93:13fe3c1bec86 12/18/2013 04:02 PM Štolba Michal

multi-heuristic search

92:909011fde443 12/18/2013 03:36 PM Štolba Michal

preferred actions (projected FF only)

91:d7668983bd0b 12/17/2013 04:46 PM Štolba Michal

generalized heuristic interface in terms of returned value

90:158499164e77 11/04/2013 03:00 PM Štolba Michal

rdFF test

89:0537e9779a11 11/04/2013 03:00 PM Štolba Michal


87:f99dae399eb6 10/31/2013 04:23 PM Štolba Michal

changed behaviour when maxRecursionDepth reached (+hmax test)

86:7c3a96b73944 10/31/2013 11:10 AM Štolba Michal


83:401f0f4f9b06 10/30/2013 05:08 PM Štolba Michal

fixing h_add with r>1

82:bccef342129b 10/30/2013 03:43 PM Štolba Michal

ldFF with r = 0..INF

80:819599245df2 10/30/2013 01:23 PM Štolba Michal

temporarily fixed NPE bug

79:961f401522ef 10/30/2013 11:38 AM Štolba Michal

public operators now have the same indexes among all agents (bug fix)

76:73ffc94bf3d6 10/25/2013 04:00 PM Štolba Michal

disabled all tests

75:f65546e5a0db 10/25/2013 03:58 PM Štolba Michal

disabled tests

74:3677f679f326 10/25/2013 03:57 PM Štolba Michal


72:1d069fa8cb23 10/25/2013 02:26 PM Štolba Michal

updated search callback interface

68:e93117c242c6 10/24/2013 05:15 PM Štolba Michal

minor update

67:1c06bb47eb1f 10/24/2013 02:50 PM Štolba Michal

null RP (dead end) fixed

66:3121ea159ad5 10/24/2013 02:44 PM Štolba Michal

stupid bug fix

65:719ea6d988b8 10/23/2013 04:57 PM Štolba Michal

attempt on turning recursion into iteration, plus minor modifications

64:151d75ef475e 10/23/2013 12:53 PM Štolba Michal

recursive additive heuristic

63:78a92ed1d309 10/23/2013 11:04 AM Štolba Michal

recursive additive heuristic

62:ab631459cd73 10/23/2013 10:23 AM Štolba Michal

found a bug

61:0cfb5247e9dd 10/23/2013 10:02 AM Štolba Michal

ldff bug fix, still doesn't work for logistics-4

60:f5d5ea22f856 10/22/2013 04:01 PM Štolba Michal

lazily distributed FF (WIP)

59:4caf56f50074 10/22/2013 11:30 AM Štolba Michal

FF heuristic

58:1334c27b81ee 10/22/2013 11:09 AM Štolba Michal

recursive distirbuted additive heuristic (WIP)

57:40dde08a69c6 10/21/2013 04:30 PM Štolba Michal

queuing local requests (actually stacking)

51:621935ce75ca 10/18/2013 03:34 PM Štolba Michal

searching for the bug + queued message handler in distributed search

50:71c3c736d850 10/18/2013 02:31 PM Štolba Michal

distributed relaxed & additive heuristics (WIP - buggy)

49:f7b45400f086 10/17/2013 04:48 PM Štolba Michal

comparison heuristic (used to compare values of two heuristics)

48:259dab3118b0 10/17/2013 04:48 PM Štolba Michal

additive heuristic

44:9de4041ce919 07/30/2013 12:48 PM Štolba Michal

debugging - debug trace of RPGAction added

43:e4181c46d4d6 07/26/2013 02:04 PM Štolba Michal

added deconfliction to the tests

40:bd3e84362e89 07/16/2013 02:40 PM Štolba Michal

moved creator to madla-planner

37:5e1eea941a6e 06/28/2013 02:33 PM Štolba Michal

contextless lazy FF heuristic (working)

35:af62420f4b23 06/27/2013 12:50 PM Štolba Michal


34:01d448fee889 06/24/2013 04:38 PM Štolba Michal

bug fix

33:aec4b0016db0 06/21/2013 04:44 PM Štolba Michal

TODO: fix action updates on empty RPG (pre-updates)

32:e4f914de4712 06/21/2013 02:49 PM Štolba Michal


30:aff11bc87549 06/21/2013 02:36 PM Štolba Michal


29:457e0ca2c842 06/21/2013 01:50 PM Štolba Michal

update actions (wip)

28:fa185342c8aa 06/21/2013 10:33 AM Štolba Michal

tested (TODO: update RPGs)

27:8ccc029112d1 06/20/2013 05:32 PM Štolba Michal

distributed lazy FF seems to be working (TODO more tests)

25:f58d3ae3d100 06/19/2013 02:56 PM Štolba Michal

test and some bug fixes (more to come)

23:baf51c82aa8e 06/19/2013 02:04 PM Štolba Michal

lazy ff ready for testing

20:8527767dc5f6 06/14/2013 11:30 AM Štolba Michal

add goal to extended RPG, fix of setVariables in State

19:f51b487ffbd7 06/13/2013 04:25 PM Štolba Michal

extended RPG (todo:test), lazy FF (wip)

17:eae7b882173c 06/11/2013 04:30 PM Štolba Michal

fixed problem with hash codes and distributed heuristic interface

16:83fbfdd7044a 06/11/2013 10:32 AM Štolba Michal

minor modifications

15:d8f9376b6771 06/11/2013 10:17 AM Štolba Michal

fixed unification

13:4cd2972c3ed2 06/07/2013 04:45 PM Štolba Michal

FFHeuristic (w.i.p.)

12:b480a4782824 06/06/2013 04:31 PM Štolba Michal

RPG + test

11:014b0c60b8da 06/06/2013 10:47 AM Štolba Michal

distributed search

10:478c8bd6b5ad 06/05/2013 11:50 AM Štolba Michal

single agent AStar + test

9:948f45659571 06/05/2013 11:03 AM Štolba Michal

removed slower preprocessing

8:5ee638ac31a8 06/05/2013 11:01 AM Štolba Michal

testing speed of two ways of processing

6:aaba0b63cc2a 06/04/2013 02:31 PM Štolba Michal

preprocessing test + fixes