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288:4503e4b2ea50 09/26/2014 03:41 PM Čáp Michal

PenaltyMethod uses random sequence of robots

287:d0a218fe692b 09/26/2014 12:24 AM Čáp Michal


286:7782e867f337 09/25/2014 11:33 PM Čáp Michal


285:349e48b6d88b 09/25/2014 08:18 PM Čáp Michal

run configs

284:531840e9e275 09/25/2014 08:18 PM Čáp Michal

new envs and d-envs

283:1a9b35ee150f 09/25/2014 08:17 PM Čáp Michal

made some of the layers togglable

282:a96be3ef7964 09/24/2014 04:58 PM Čáp Michal

new d-environments

281:6b60612efa00 09/24/2014 04:58 PM Čáp Michal

samplingInterval set to 10

280:1b84d71b07a4 09/24/2014 04:57 PM Čáp Michal

minonr bug fix

279:db471bd21fc9 09/24/2014 04:44 PM Čáp Michal

The samplingInterval has been set inside each algorithm. Pulled out and it is now set centrally in main().

278:697394b5da4a 09/22/2014 05:20 PM Čáp Michal

Introduced minPenalty, added some more printouts

277:f5d5bd8d3095 09/22/2014 04:35 PM Čáp Michal

Minot changes to visualization

276:32d8e093ba88 09/22/2014 04:33 PM Čáp Michal

ProblemInstanceDesigner -- second argument can be used to specify the output file, agent start and goal positions snap to graph.

275:5e3fb55c590d 09/19/2014 06:30 PM Čáp Michal

run configuations

274:749879cfdd20 09/19/2014 04:30 PM Čáp Michal

Moved a method from trajectory tools.

273:c88ceb68cf15 09/19/2014 04:24 PM Čáp Michal

Fixed OD.

272:98d29aedabda 09/18/2014 02:37 PM Čáp Michal

deleted outdated environments, added new ones

271:2aa946f524cc 09/18/2014 02:35 PM Čáp Michal

new problems

270:bf1888ef9dd2 09/17/2014 06:17 PM Čáp Michal

Solver now handles OutOfMemoryError

269:d3deed4eea60 09/17/2014 03:33 PM Čáp Michal


268:855b8864e5a5 09/17/2014 02:01 PM Čáp Michal

fixed jUnit tests

267:98389ef2fa9a 09/17/2014 01:49 PM Čáp Michal

Summary contains the status at the termination of the algorithm -- SUCCESS, FAIL or TIMEOUT.

266:ec096258eb4a 09/16/2014 07:15 PM Čáp Michal

trajectorytools dependency changed to 2.1-SNAPSHOT

265:facfe6865ec1 09/16/2014 04:47 PM Čáp Michal

When the -timestep parameter is provided, the edges of the graph are broken into smaller edges that take exactly timestep to travel. This allows to use OD-C^n on the graph.

264:3e480f052577 09/16/2014 01:05 PM Čáp Michal

minor fix in the jUnit test

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