New experimental module Visualizer2D

Added by Komenda Antonín over 6 years ago

Ondrej Hrstka started to work on a new generation of Alite 2D visualization (currently called Visualizer2D) utilizing new functional features of Java 8. For more info see Visualizer2D

Added Cartesian Product generator

Added by Komenda Antonín almost 8 years ago

There is a new class source:/src/main/java/cz/agents/alite/math/, which can be used for iterative generation of elements in a Cartesian product set.

New version of Config Reader released

Added by Hrstka Ondřej almost 9 years ago

Release notes:
  • Fixed memory leak bug, which occured when large number of configuration files were loaded.
  • Method ConfigReader#loadFile doesn't throw MalformedException anymore. Instead it throws unchecked excetion ConfigurationLoadException.

It is recommended to switch to this version as soon as possible.

Alite was moved from BZR to Mercurial

Added by Komenda Antonín about 9 years ago

Added wiki section about Code and Committing Conventions

Added by Komenda Antonín over 9 years ago

Added Alite and Aglobe comparison text

Added by Komenda Antonín over 9 years ago

Alite SVN branch was closed.

Added by Komenda Antonín almost 10 years ago

From now, use only BZR branch(es). For more info see The current development branch is bzr+ssh://smith/data/bzr/alite/trunk.


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