From 04/08/2012 to 05/07/2012


12:41 PM Revision 15:2923114a8304 (configurator-templategroovy): Better dsld
Štolba Michal
12:39 PM Revision 27:7d1183ffa130 (aglobeadapter): Merge with 4fae8efba11dea0226f5134e51d4aedc93f65b35
Štolba Michal
12:38 PM Revision 26:a78b65b11fb4 (aglobeadapter): Fixed sending to self
Štolba Michal


03:27 PM Revision 339:19b929f94aec (core): Minor modification in Configurator
Štolba Michal
10:00 AM Bug #1807 (New):
public boolean testLine(final Point3d point1, final Point3d point2, final Point3d outPoint);
Vokřínek Jiří


10:52 AM Revision 338:66d38b7ea19c (core): Fixed constructor search and check in Environment.Handler
Komenda Antonín


12:31 PM Revision 337:6c597d71f203 (core): Merge with 8173a1065aeae6553b03f3372a9f0d1507a8b66f
Komenda Antonín
12:30 PM Revision 336:b92d4cdb94d0 (core): Added spatialplanner TODO
Komenda Antonín


03:12 PM Revision 25:4fae8efba11d (aglobeadapter): additive visibility updates for new containers
Selecky Martin


05:10 PM Bug #1804: Wrong method name in exception text
We should probaly remove all method names from exception texts (here). The method names are presented in stack traces... Komenda Antonín
05:07 PM Bug #1804 (Closed): Wrong method name in exception text
The same also for line 348 Komenda Antonín


12:58 PM Revision 14:56c4a9027922 (configurator-templategroovy): Finished simple DSL, added doc to be shown
Štolba Michal


05:07 PM Revision 13:18f5bd9a6add (configurator-templategroovy): First version of DSLD
Štolba Michal
03:52 PM Revision 12:31d18924fa3b (configurator-templategroovy): Enable/disable exception when param not f...
Štolba Michal
01:33 PM Revision 11:4cd985b59714 (configurator-templategroovy): rewritten test configuration files in new...
Štolba Michal
10:53 AM Revision 10:f62f5902b9b2 (configurator-templategroovy): Added simplified DSL syntax
Štolba Michal


02:34 PM Revision 9:f82a64414b41 (configurator-templategroovy): template names and strings can be without ...
Štolba Michal
01:59 PM Revision 8:ec74edeaacc1 (configurator-templategroovy): bug fix, finished tests
Štolba Michal

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