From 02/09/2011 to 03/10/2011


04:45 PM Feature #279 (New): Type safety in addEvent method
Theoretically, the event type prescribe the type of the event payload, thus the type control could be achieved. Komenda Antonín
11:37 AM Support #271 (Closed): Alite vs. Aglobe doc Komenda Antonín


06:28 PM Support #271 (Closed): Alite vs. Aglobe doc
Clean up, extend: Komenda Antonín


05:01 PM Feature #69 (Closed): Communication documentation
Komenda Antonín
04:46 PM Feature #69 (Resolved): Communication documentation
Vokřínek Jiří


05:26 PM Feature #68 (Closed): Initial documentation
Komenda Antonín
10:46 AM Bug #259 (New): Cover Alite by tests
Komenda Antonín
10:37 AM Bug #98 (Closed): VisManager: The information bubbles are flickering
Komenda Antonín

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