From 12/21/2010 to 01/19/2011


10:51 AM Alite SVN branch was closed.
From now, use only BZR branch(es). For more info see The curre... Komenda Antonín
10:45 AM Revision 103:d412a2c7bf53 (core): Adding DirectoryFacilitatorMultipleton + added class comments t...
Vokřínek Jiří


02:16 PM Feature #100 (Closed): Opakovany beh simulacie
Chcel by som tu istu simulaciu pustat viac krat a agregovat vysledky. Problem je, ze prva simulacia po sebe nedostato... Lisý Viliam


04:34 PM Feature #24: directory multiplon
spis multipleton? Komenda Antonín
03:34 PM Feature #99 (Closed): Event based communication
Create an event based communication channel.
(Consider future MANET extensions)
Čáp Michal
03:32 PM Bug #98 (Closed): VisManager: The information bubbles are flickering
The information bubbles are flickering, we need to replace the aggregation list of Layer by some non-blocking list. Čáp Michal


01:53 PM Feature #69 (Closed): Communication documentation
Similar to #68, but about communication in Alite. Komenda Antonín
01:48 PM Feature #68: Initial documentation
Napada vas jeste neco konkretniho, co by v te prvotni dokumentaci melo byt? Komenda Antonín
01:48 PM Feature #68 (Closed): Initial documentation
Including introduction, simple examples, how to send a message, create simle environment, how to configure a new appl... Komenda Antonín

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