Alite: New experimental module Visualizer2D

Added by Komenda Antonín over 5 years ago

Ondrej Hrstka started to work on a new generation of Alite 2D visualization (currently called Visualizer2D) utilizing new functional features of Java 8. For more info see Visualizer2D

Alite: Added Cartesian Product generator

Added by Komenda Antonín over 7 years ago

There is a new class source:/src/main/java/cz/agents/alite/math/, which can be used for iterative generation of elements in a Cartesian product set.

TacticalPackage: Created one Tactical Package jar with dependencies

Added by Komenda Antonín over 7 years ago

The process of running the tactical package is now only download and run (for more info see project wiki).

Alite: New version of Config Reader released

Added by Hrstka Ondřej about 8 years ago

Release notes:
  • Fixed memory leak bug, which occured when large number of configuration files were loaded.
  • Method ConfigReader#loadFile doesn't throw MalformedException anymore. Instead it throws unchecked excetion ConfigurationLoadException.

It is recommended to switch to this version as soon as possible.

Alite: Alite was moved from BZR to Mercurial

Added by Komenda Antonín over 8 years ago

Alite: Added wiki section about Code and Committing Conventions

Added by Komenda Antonín almost 9 years ago

Alite: Added Alite and Aglobe comparison text

Added by Komenda Antonín almost 9 years ago

Alite: Alite SVN branch was closed.

Added by Komenda Antonín about 9 years ago

From now, use only BZR branch(es). For more info see The current development branch is bzr+ssh://smith/data/bzr/alite/trunk.


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