Létal Vojtěch's activity

From 02/19/2014 to 03/20/2014


01:49 PM Alite Revision 177:4b78d3657670 (deconflictiontools): Resolved TODO removed from SippRRTDomain
Létal Vojtěch
01:46 PM Alite Revision 176:7d0390264801 (deconflictiontools): Unneceseary NodePair class replaced simply by Lin...
Létal Vojtěch


11:59 PM Alite Revision 175:b4390b5c2bb8 (deconflictiontools): SippRRTStar introduced
SippRRTStar extends EuclideanRRTStar and together with the SippRRTDomain make rewiring possible Létal Vojtěch


08:58 PM Alite Revision 174:9cc56b0cbd25 (deconflictiontools): Major bug fixed in SafeIntervalBuilder
While building a safe interval each time segment must be sampled only once Létal Vojtěch
07:03 PM Alite Revision 173:fe2e89c56ef5 (deconflictiontools): Major refactoring in SippRRTDomain
Part of the code rewritten from scratch according to the SippWrapper implementation. Temporally fixed bug causing dis... Létal Vojtěch
02:54 PM Alite Revision 172:e23500c497d2 (deconflictiontools): Major refactoring of SafeIntervalBuilder
The safe interval builder now contains all functionality to calculate safe intervals. It was moved there from the Sip... Létal Vojtěch
01:23 PM Alite Revision 171:e48897827a9d (deconflictiontools): Major refactoring and debugging of the SIPPWrapper
Safe intervals are now calculated up to the defined maxtime so it is important to keep the maxtime consistent over al... Létal Vojtěch


05:55 PM Alite Revision 170:a5c1e8c47d5c (deconflictiontools): Major fix in SIPPRRTDomain
missing collision checking with the boundary added Létal Vojtěch
05:54 PM Alite Revision 169:0cb94562f298 (deconflictiontools): Major fix in EuclidTime3iRRTDomain
missing collision checking with static obstacles added Létal Vojtěch
05:42 PM Alite Revision 168:b9d4b9737fa5 (deconflictiontools): Both Space-Time RRT implementation now samples di...
Létal Vojtěch
12:18 PM Alite Revision 167:663a84dc9ccf (deconflictiontools): Factory method added to the time parameter holder
Létal Vojtěch


08:09 PM Alite Revision 166:d3c3ecbc1a9a (deconflictiontools): SippRRTUtils.toTrajectory now returns a Segmented...
Létal Vojtěch
03:36 PM Alite Revision 165:98303c8d2e5a (deconflictiontools): Color bug fix in VisUtils
Agents being drawn using visualizeSingleTrajectory method are ensured to have unique color Létal Vojtěch
03:27 PM Alite Revision 164:b61d3cb96221 (deconflictiontools): Method for single trajectory visualization added ...
Létal Vojtěch
03:27 PM Alite Revision 163:0b72b75aa396 (deconflictiontools): Dynamic environment generator fixed
environment is generated in such way that some solution for given agent mission should exist Létal Vojtěch


02:50 PM Alite Revision 162:a2851c9c8c49 (deconflictiontools): Dynamic environment generator introduced
Létal Vojtěch
02:24 PM Alite Revision 161:c56178bc84d5 (deconflictiontools): dynami environment visualization method added to ...
Létal Vojtěch
02:14 PM Alite Revision 160:74cc24992365 (deconflictiontools): bugfix in visutil
white background layer moved from problem visualization method to initialization method Létal Vojtěch
02:12 PM Alite Revision 159:b06b3a5683cc (deconflictiontools): handling empty vertex set in problem generator
Létal Vojtěch


12:00 AM Alite Revision 158:0018135715e8 (deconflictiontools): null pointer exception fixed in problem generator
Létal Vojtěch
07:09 PM Alite Revision 157:b17a3595c21e (deconflictiontools): merge
Létal Vojtěch
07:09 PM Alite Revision 156:f212c9b858f5 (deconflictiontools): function renamed in tt
Létal Vojtěch
05:54 PM Alite Revision 155:b7ec24ec215c (deconflictiontools): unneceseary statemants removed from ODNode
Létal Vojtěch


06:38 PM Alite Revision 151:0fc70261a286 (deconflictiontools): alternative implementaion of rrtstar iteration us...
Létal Vojtěch
06:38 PM Alite Revision 150:b3a3f5d3efdd (deconflictiontools): euclid 3i rrt implemented
Létal Vojtěch
06:37 PM Alite Revision 149:d0875fc7ee94 (deconflictiontools): hgignore updated
Létal Vojtěch
03:18 PM Alite Revision 148:c3841d011c0b (deconflictiontools): merge and idea files removed from the project
Létal Vojtěch
03:18 PM Alite Revision 147:2a599d98fc2b (deconflictiontools): merge and idea files removed from the project
Létal Vojtěch
03:00 PM Alite Revision 146:eb67f28ed5a9 (deconflictiontools): euclidtime3i rrt introduced
Létal Vojtěch
03:00 PM Alite Revision 145:dbb1a65ddaaa (deconflictiontools): minor refactoring in the trajectory interface
Létal Vojtěch


07:54 PM Alite Revision 141:12a22c833fc6 (deconflictiontools): TODO problem marked in ODDemo
Létal Vojtěch
07:53 PM Alite Revision 140:ce0e7b95b4bd (deconflictiontools): ODNode now uses fast analytic solution to edge de...
Létal Vojtěch
07:52 PM Alite Revision 139:b60ae318c3da (deconflictiontools): simpler problem generator introduced
Létal Vojtěch


01:53 PM Alite Revision 134:7a610f98409d (deconflictiontools): DynamicEnvironment interface redefined, collision...
Létal Vojtěch


05:10 PM Alite Revision 132:f3d90172ecd4 (deconflictiontools): merge
Létal Vojtěch
04:53 PM Alite Revision 131:2587ac5ef9c6 (deconflictiontools): important bugfix in SIPPRRT, additional visualiza...
Létal Vojtěch
11:14 AM Alite Revision 130:cee6e95192d4 (deconflictiontools): merge
Létal Vojtěch
11:10 AM Alite Revision 129:af5c7492c833 (deconflictiontools): visualization classes added to project, minor fix
Létal Vojtěch


07:53 PM Alite Revision 121:bd6638d8d838 (deconflictiontools): missing dynamic environment interface added to me...
Létal Vojtěch
07:53 PM Alite Revision 120:ae6f1d4b7d40 (deconflictiontools): SIPP refactored to Sipp in the names of the classes
Létal Vojtěch
07:50 PM Alite Revision 119:5a9583e81c5b (deconflictiontools): sipp major changes
StaticEnvironment class replaced by already existing Environment class, two interfaces extracted Létal Vojtěch
07:21 PM Alite Revision 118:92c427937c53 (deconflictiontools): sipp minor fix
dimension fixed - with the additional time axis the dimension is 3 Létal Vojtěch
06:49 PM Alite Revision 117:624880447d48 (deconflictiontools): dynamic environment class is used in multiple of ...
Létal Vojtěch
06:11 PM Alite Revision 116:7b33cd324bfe (deconflictiontools): sipp environment introduced
two classes representing dynamic and static environment introduced to simplify interface of multiple functions used i... Létal Vojtěch
03:21 PM Alite Revision 115:d95fb7961eeb (deconflictiontools): sipp refactored
findFastestTraversal extracted Létal Vojtěch
01:52 PM Alite Revision 114:1e33c3f13df2 (deconflictiontools): SIPP refactored
A safeTransitionInterval method was extracted from SIPPWrapper. It will be used in SIPP RRT Létal Vojtěch


05:21 PM Alite Revision 113:652db0969282 (deconflictiontools): sipp-rrt basic class structure
Létal Vojtěch
05:20 PM Alite Revision 112:2cff387fd3ab (deconflictiontools): SIPP refactored
refactored for possible usage in SIPP RRT Létal Vojtěch


03:20 PM Alite Revision 111:13cdfb9f4fae (deconflictiontools): Thread sleep fixed in SIPPWrapperTest
Létal Vojtěch
03:10 PM Trajectory tools Bug #2631 (Resolved): Fix analytic space-time collision checking
Duplicit bug Létal Vojtěch
03:04 PM Alite Revision 110:b478900466f3 (deconflictiontools): SafeIntervals for edges
Implemented and used to estimate time to travel between two safe intervals Létal Vojtěch
02:44 PM Alite Revision 109:681511db0427 (deconflictiontools): Forgotten file (AlgorithmPPSIPP)
Graph in SIPPWrapper changed to Directed graph Létal Vojtěch


08:44 PM Alite Revision 108:31cd599a0f65 (deconflictiontools): early implementation of safe intervals introduced
Létal Vojtěch
08:33 PM Alite Revision 107:ed0f506d53f8 (deconflictiontools): Unnecessary statements removed from SIPPWrapper
Létal Vojtěch
08:31 PM Alite Revision 106:35af6a5662d5 (deconflictiontools): major refactoring in SIPPWrapper
Létal Vojtěch
12:13 PM Alite Revision 105:c5a81134bdfb (deconflictiontools): heuristics turned off, visualization removed from...
Létal Vojtěch

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