Černý Adam's activity

From 09/16/2012 to 10/15/2012


01:59 PM TacticalPackage Revision 86:66fac9de5c3d: Package name edit
Černý Adam
01:55 PM TacticalPackage Revision 85:54b6adcb6841: Merge with c6045d88377b01be50d23b83de44b52e6bfc46b0
Černý Adam


04:42 PM TacticalPackage Revision 84:eb812e4c5de0: ConcaveHull support
Černý Adam


04:07 PM TacticalPackage Feature #1972: obj scene loader
Task is done but issue is still open because of future edit of classes and because of solving problems with vis layers. Černý Adam


02:00 PM TacticalPackage Revision 79:15c923d3a47f: File load fix
Černý Adam


04:25 PM TacticalPackage Revision 78:47089731ccad: LOGGER update, parsing time measure
Černý Adam
01:20 PM TacticalPackage Revision 77:0a5c23b010d5: PATH fix, classes clean
Černý Adam


07:01 PM TacticalPackage Revision 76:1e7bc00da561: Data model change
Černý Adam


05:05 PM TacticalPackage Feature #1972: obj scene loader
Migration from XML to OBJ file is done. Remaining 10% is because of debugging / change of Parse and Build class struc... Černý Adam
05:05 PM TacticalPackage 127.00 hours (Feature #1972 (Closed): obj scene loader)
Development / Research Černý Adam


04:45 PM TacticalPackage Bug #2078 (New): Hardcoded cliff and bridge
Remove hardcoded cliff and bridge from source code in Terrain and PlanningCarActuator. Černý Adam
04:42 PM TacticalPackage 0.00 hour (Feature #2049 (Closed): village street graph transform)
Development Černý Adam
04:42 PM TacticalPackage Feature #2049 (Closed): village street graph transform
Done. Spent time will be updated in "obj scene loader" issue. Černý Adam


04:09 PM TacticalPackage Revision 74:efab52c1a94a: Merge with c2e1a962a548224124882b3d1249dcb2dc84f76b
Černý Adam
02:05 PM TacticalPackage Revision 73:d95c767a50cf: Package rename
Černý Adam


03:10 PM TacticalPackage Revision 72:1d8396c10a83: Obj reader final
Černý Adam

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